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Schedule an Audit
The first step is to find a certified EPS Auditor and schedule a time for him or her to visit your home for a thorough inspection.
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Review Audit Results
After inspecting your home, an EPS Auditor will prepare a Scorecard and Energy Analysis Report.
Energy Performance Score Summary
The Energy Performance Score report, also called the Scorecard, shows how much energy and carbon your home is currently using, how much less you could be using if you performed the recommended upgrades, and what other homes in your area are using.
Energy Analysis and Upgrade Report
The Energy Analysis and Upgrade report provides detailed explanations of the Auditor's recommended upgrades and analyzes their impact on energy and cost reduction.
Audit Your Home
The first step is to analyze your home's energy efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement. An Energy Performance Score (EPS) Audit can do just that! A certified EPS Auditor can inspect your home and provide a Scorecard that assesses current energy consumption and predicts what the savings would be after making improvements. Along with the Scorecard, a detailed Energy Analysis and Upgrades report explains the Auditor's recommended upgrades and analyzes their impact on energy and cost reduction.
After reviewing the results of your EPS audit, your next step is to implement the recommendations. While you can make some minor fixes yourself, we recommend that you contact a professional contractor that specializes in energy retrofit projects. Through our participating programs, we can help you find qualified contractors in your area.
Financing Options
Home improvement can be expensive, but luckily there are many tax rebates and financing programs available to help with these costs. We can help you learn about all the different options.