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Energy efficiency programs funded by the US Department of Energy in coordination with state governments and local utilities are utilizing the Energy Performance Score (EPS) technology platform. Homeowners, contractors, and auditors in the following areas can access the EPS technology platform through these existing energy efficiency programs:
Huntsville and Birmingham
The WISE Program is a comprehensive energy assessment that involves blower door and thermal readings to help assess anything that may need to be improved in your home...
The Sponsors of Mass Save work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs...
North Dakota
Red River Valley Community Action
The 401(e) Home Energy Plan makes home energy improvements as easy as possible from start to finish. We provide you with quality information, a full energy assessment, and customized recommendations detailing the most cost-effective investments...
LEAP is a non-profit organization that coordinates energy efficiency improvements on the home. We are a one-stop shop for people interested in upgrading their home to become more energy efficient.
The Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA) is the local source for residential energy efficiency upgrades.  By connecting homeowners to qualified contractors...
SW Virginia
cafe2 (Community Alliance for Energy Efficiency) is a non-profit community program and your one-stop shop for what to do, who to call, and how to pay for your home's energy assessments and upgrades...
The Community Energy Challenge makes achieving energy efficiency as easy as possible from start to finish. We provide each participating household and business with quality information, a full energy assessment, a customized energy action plan detailing cost-effective measures, assistance with utility and tax rebates, attractive and accessible financing opportunities, reliable contractors, and quality assurance.
Kitsap County
RePower Kitsap is a county-wide program dedicated to helping you save money through energy efficiency, increasing the comfort, health and safety of your home, and creating local jobs. RePower Kitsap provides in-home energy assessments...
Seattle: Community Power Works
Community Power Works (CPW) is a neighborhood-based energy upgrade initiative that will save energy and create green jobs. CPW has programs in six building sectors: single-family, multifamily, small business, large commercial, hospital, and municipal buildings.

Seattle: Seattle City Light
Seattle City Light offers home energy audits for $95 to City Light customers living in single family homes. Auditors certified by the Building Performance Institute will visit your home and conduct a thorough assessment of its insulation level, leakiness, and heating system efficiency, as well as installing free energy conserving compact fluorescent light bulbs. You will receive an "Energy Performance Scorecard" that rates the current efficiency level of your home, a bit like the MPG rating for a car. You also receive a report with suggested energy improvements, their estimated costs, and their potential for energy and climate impact reduction.
Snohomish County
Our free home energy assessments are now being offered to teams of five or more single-family households in Snohomish County. If you're interested in participating, please see the special "Team Up & Save" documents to the right for details. Each team needs a Team Captain who will be responsible for filling out the Team Roster and submitting all application and resident input forms at one time.
Thurston County
At Thurston Energy, we are committed to providing Thurston County residents and businesses with the means to save money and energy, and live more comfortable, meaningful lives. We provide energy use evaluation services and recommendations for energy-saving measures in both homes and businesses. By gathering the best discounts, rebates, financing and tax incentives, our exceptional program is designed to help homeowners and businesses increase rates of return on their energy efficiency investments. We also have a Vendor Network of qualified local suppliers and contractors who provide efficiency improvements, and are partnered with local lending institutions to provide special rate green efficiency loans to homeowners looking to make major upgrades to their homes.